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    The Art of Pain Management

    Course by : Dr. Aly H. Alatar


    The Art of Pain Management

    "The Art of Pain Management" is a comprehensive, evidence-based course designed to equip participants with a profound understanding of pain management strategies. We employ interactive and active learning methods, including group discussions, individual reflection, sharing personal experiences, practical exercises, and manual therapy practice.

    Over three immersive days, our aim is to create an inclusive and encouraging learning environment where you can ask questions, engage in debates, and share your thoughts and beliefs. Our evidence-based approach ensures that you leave with practical skills and insights to enhance your physiotherapy practice.



    1. Understanding Pain Management Theories and Science:

       - Explore the foundations and scientific principles behind pain management.

    2. Distinguishing Acute and Chronic Pain Management:

       - Differentiate between acute and chronic pain, and understand tailored approaches for each.

    3. Critical Analysis of Common Physiotherapy Practices:

       - Analyze and discuss prevailing physiotherapy practices in pain management.

    4. Evaluation and Assessment of Musculoskeletal Issues:

       - Learn effective evaluation and assessment techniques for common musculoskeletal problems.

    5. Treatment and Management of Musculoskeletal Issues:

       - Gain insights into evidence-based treatment and management strategies for musculoskeletal problems.


    Join us on this transformative journey to master the art of pain management and elevate your career in physiotherapy.




    Dr. Aly H. Alatar

    Senior Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist & Researcher

    Dr. Aly is a leading physiotherapist with a Bachelor's degree in Physic
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    Day One:

    - Understanding Pain:

      - Defining pain and its various facets.

      - Exploring the philosophy and psychology of pain.

      - Delving into pain neurophysiology.

      - Unpacking the concept of central sensitization.

      - Assessing and managing sensitized pain.

      - Techniques for fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue syndrome management.


    Day Two:

    - Upper Body Pain Management:

      - Strategies for managing neck pain.

      - Addressing cervical radiculopathy.

      - Techniques for shoulder pain management.

      - Approaches to frozen shoulder.

      - Managing shoulder transitional instability.

      - Tackling thoracic pain and posture-related issues.


    Day Three:

    - Lower Body Pain Management:

      - Effective methods for managing back pain.

      - Dealing with sciatica.

      - Approaches to knee pain management.

      - Treating Achilles pain.

      - Managing ankle sprains.

      - Hands-on demonstrations and practical application.

      - Open discussions and debates.



    Out Of 5.0


      This course includes :
      • International CPD Hours accredited course valid by DHA, DOH, MOH

      • 3 days of Face to Face Learning

      • Master the art of Pain Management

      • Certificate at the end of the course

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    • Dates
       27-Oct-2023 To 29-Oct-2023
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