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    Arthrorehab – Advanced Orthopedic Rehabilitation - Hip, Foot & Ankle Module

    Course by : Padmanaban Sekaran


    Arthrorehab – Advanced Orthopedic Rehabilitation - Hip, Foot & Ankle Module

    Arthrorehab is an advanced orthopaedic rehabilitation certification, a conceptual framework designed to enhance clinical outcomes through practical applications of the latest scientific research in the fields of orthopaedics, arthroscopy, sports & exercise sciences, and physical therapy.

    Pattern recognition, Functional diagnosis and Rehabilitation Program Design are key core competencies that an individual will acquire by completing arthrorehab courses.

    Advanced orthopaedic rehabilitation concepts and techniques will be taught in detail with an extensive focus on four key areas of rehabilitation, Non-Operative Management of complex injuries, Customised Post- Operative Rehabilitation that matches advances in arthroscopic surgeries, Criteria Based Return to Play and Regenerative rehabilitation for joint longevity. 

    Learning Objectives:  

    • Understand the principles of functional diagnosis and functional demands of the lower limb joints 
    • Learn current treatment pathways for injuries and pathologies of the hip, foot & ankle joints 
    • Justify treatment selection and implement treatment based current evidence and patient’s activity demands 
    • Learn to customize the rehabilitation based on injury characteristics, management opted and demands on the injured structure.  
    • Learn recent advances in arthroscopic surgeries that can influence the rehabilitation programming and rehabilitation progression. 
    • Learn to design and implement an individualized, customized, and criteria-based exercise program for a wide range of injuries and surgeries. 
    • Learn to apply and modify intervention strategies for wide range of patients from physically active to international elite athletes.  
    • Learn to apply and customize treatment strategies to wide range of sports, different playing positions and different sporting demands. 
    • Learn rehabilitation program designing and application of strength and conditioning principles in late stage rehab.  
    • Understand and implement injury prevention program for secondary injury risk and recurrence.  
    • Understand and manage a successful Return to play of a competitive athlete following injury or surgery 

    Course Content: 

     Arthrorehab Hip  

    • Clinical Classification Systems for Adult Hip Pain 
    • Assessment / Reasoning/ Treatment Pathways  
    • Intra articular hip conditions – Rehab Principles. 
    • Rehab following Hip Arthroscopic Procedures  
    • Extra articular hip conditions- Rehab Principles 
    • Sports Hip – Overview 

    Arthrorehab Foot & Ankle Module 

    • Function of Foot & Ankle Complex 
    • Assessment of the foot & ankle  
    • Ankle Sprain Rehab- Simple to Complex 
    • Rehabilitation following Ankle surgical Procedures 
    • Rehab Plantar heel pain, Achilles Tendinopathy, Shin Splints 
    • Sporting Ankle- Managing Bone Stress, Force Transfer & Load Capacity 

    Participants will be able to do the following after the completion of the course.  

    • Integrate a comprehensive  and updated clinical assessment for musculoskeletal injuries  
    • Use functional diagnosis for musculoskeletal pain and sports injuries.  
    • Decide clinical pathway for non-operative  or  post-surgical rehabilitation based on evidences.   
    • Design and implement the criteria-based rehab program.  
    • Use minimum effective exercise dosage for optimal functional outcome. 
    • Effectively implement late-stage rehabilitation,  safe & effective return to sports and maximize sport performance after injury/ surgery. 
    • Comprehensive management of chronic pain and recurrence in Musculo skeletal injuries. 
    • Effectively manage patients after basic & advanced arthroscopic surgical procedures. 


    Padmanaban Sekaran

    MSc. PT (UK) 

    Developer & Lead Tutor- Arhtrorehab-Advanced Orthopaedic Rehabilitation 

    Visiting Consultant Emirates Health Services, UAE  Director of Padmanaban's Movementology Academy LLP, Bangalore. 
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